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Thank you for considering Family Inceptions International agency. Regardless of if you are a future parent seeking services for egg donation or surrogacy or a woman considering surrogacy or egg donation, we are compassionate experts who can guide you using our firsthand experience in the egg donation and surrogacy processes.

Family Inceptions is a full service third party reproduction agency with offices located in the Atlanta area, GA, Chicago, IL and Orlando, FL. However, we work with future parents all over the globe. Our egg donors are based in the US and international countries including South Africa, and our gestational surrogates are within the United States. We do not discriminate against anyone based on sexual orientation, faith, or race.

We pride ourselves on our customer service focus. We also understand the importance of matching future parents to their perfect egg donor or gestational surrogate and vice versa. You will receive our core beliefs, expertise, education, guidance, and support from your initial meeting until you have completed your journey.


There are several options when it comes to egg donation. Family Inceptions International can assist both future parents and women who are willing to become egg donors in the US. Although finding the perfect match can be a challenging and exhausting process, we work directly with future parent and egg donors to create perfect matches based on individual needs and preferences.

For future parents, we help you select the path that is optimal for you by matching you with the ideal donor and guiding you through the entire process. We can assist you with egg donation in the US or arrange for egg donation abroad via international egg donation. Once you have decided how you would like to proceed, we will coordinate the cycle process with your selected donor. We also coordinate all the necessary travel, legal, and financial arrangements.

If you have made the selfless decision to become an egg donor the exact process will depend on whether you are donating within the US or internationally. Either way we will facilitate all medical and psychological screenings for you. As the retrieval time draws near we will facilitate your travel, as well as the actual retrieval process.

The affordability of international egg donation has opened many doors for future parents who would otherwise have no other options. Family Inceptions International is one of the few agencies that offers egg donation abroad. We have many donors who are willing to travel internationally to complete a donor cycle so that the future parents can find their perfect match, regardless of where they embark on their quest to have a child. Egg Donors benefit from our international program because they are able to help a family while traveling to various places with all expenses paid.

Many US states are surrogate-friendly, and Family Inceptions International offers gestational surrogacy services in all those states. We believe that each individual’s experience should be focused on creating a stress-free and pleasant environment for all parties involved. No two surrogacy journeys are identical: each path is unique, and we are honored to be a part of so many successful stories. An important consideration when selecting the agency that you want to work with is the service you will receive. Because we are a small agency we can give all our future parents and surrogates personal attention and guidance throughout the entire process. We are also proud to be the only company that offers a Wellness Program for surrogates.

Our Wellness Program, Surronique™, was designed with many goals in mind and the ultimate aim of healthy surrogates for healthy babies. It is divided into several stages, including a dietician and nutrition, doula credit, spa/massage, a weight loss kit, a personal trainer, preggonique boxes, and a family gift.

For future parents we have developed a comprehensive and unique surrogacy program with you, your child, and the gestational surrogate in mind. Our focus is not just finding and matching you with a surrogate, but also using our extensive experience and resources to help and guide you throughout the entire process. Each surrogacy journey is as different and as unique as the future parents and surrogate going through it. We are by your side every step of your journey, from selecting your surrogate, through delivery. We oversee all aspects of the necessary legwork (psychological and medical screening, the required legal arrangements such as contracts, and financial services) so that you can focus your energy on your dream of becoming parents.

If you have decided to become a surrogate you know that you have the power to nurture life: an innocent, precious life that is full of promise and hope. Future parents want and need someone like you: someone who chooses to be a surrogate because it is heroic and rewarding. We understand that it is a journey of ups and downs, but with a wonderful end. However, all steps and details play a critical role in the journey. We take care of all of the details, including your expenses, medical care, and legal arrangements, so that you can focus only on the journey and a healthy pregnancy.

International surrogacy (cross-border reproduction) could be the only option for many future parents. There is a huge cost difference between surrogacy in the US and other countries, and it is significantly cheaper in countries such as India, Mexico, or Greece. Family Inceptions International knows and understands the challenges that future parents face when considering international surrogacy. We have traveled to each facility we partner with personally and will guide you from inception to bringing your baby home.

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