Real Talk with Eloise: Family Inceptions School is In Session

Posted on September 5th, 2017 in Family InceptionsReal Talk with Eloise: Family Inceptions School is In Session

It’s September, which is when school starts again. It makes me think of what I feel is my greatest role as an educator. When you look up “educator” in the dictionary, it’s defined as, “a person who provides instruction or education; a teacher.”

To me, given my history in the surrogacy/egg donor space as well as my role as founder and CEO of Family Inceptions, being an educator means so much more than just being a teacher.

When you’re dealing with matters of infertility, there are so many unknowns. Why me? What can’t I get pregnant? What’s the best way for me to become a parent? Will I ever become a parent? Should I explore third party building? How do I find a surrogate? What do I look for in an egg donor?

Even when it comes to those who want to be a surrogate or egg donor, they wonder what it entails. Will I be up to the task? Who will the intended parents be? How will I feel being a part of creating a family?

None of these are small questions.

To be the one who guides and supports those who contact me is something I take with tremendous honor and pride. To minimize the “unknown” is so much more than just educating. These are life impacting questions and my goal is to pass on my knowledge in a way that empowers the people I work with to pursue the creation of life.

That’s not just “teaching”. That’s a calling.

In addition to being supported and knowing the ins and outs of surrogacy and egg donation, there’s also something to be said for simply having someone to help you avoid common pitfalls. That’s the thing with the unknown. Some things can go wrong if you don’t know how to avoid them from the get go.

Whether it’s emotional, psychological, financial or legal, when you’re considering third party reproduction in any shape or form, you shouldn’t take it on alone. Especially not when you don’t have to!

Whatever role you’re considering taking in a family building journey, I’d like to educate you on what you need to know, do, avoid and anticipate. For this month, every week, we will be posting a blog to educate you on a different aspect of fertility. I also encourage you to read through some of our previous blogs since, as they say, knowledge is power and there’s so much to learn!

So, it’s with great joy to announce Family Inceptions School is In Session.

Written By: Eloise Drane

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