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  • What is Egg Donation?

    Egg donation is a safe, tested, and relatively non-invasive medical procedure that allows your eggs to be retrieved. Once your eggs are removed, or harvested, they can either be used immediately or frozen for use at a later date.

  • What are the criteria for becoming an egg donor?

    Family Inceptions is always looking for exceptional women between the ages of 20 and 29 who are non-smokers, have no history of substance addiction, a clean bill of health, a commitment to helping others, and also fulfill other requirements. Learn more about our basic requirements on our Egg Donor Requirements page.

  • Will I still be able to have children of my own after egg donation?

    Absolutely! The average woman is born with more eggs than they will ever use. It does not interfere with your ability to procreate.

  • What is the egg donor compensation?

    Family Inceptions allows donors to set their own level of compensation, within specific guidelines. Donor fees vary according to region and prior donor experience.

  • How will my eggs be used?

    If you’re selected by intended parents your eggs will be used to make a baby! Your egg will be fertilized and grown into an embryo. Depending on the circumstances of the intended parents your eggs might be used by the intended mother if she is not able to produce quality eggs. In other cases, they could be used in conjunction with a gestational surrogate. Once your eggs are removed, or harvested, they may be used right away, or frozen for use at a later time. For each cycle you complete you will not assume any rights or responsibilities to the children that are born as a result of your donation.

  • Can I be a donor if I have had an abortion?

    Yes. Having an abortion does not disqualify you from being an egg donor. Most women—provided they have normal periods, and are healthy—are able to donate.

  • Can I be a donor if I have had a tubal ligation (tubes tied)?

    Yes, you can be a donor if you have had a tubal ligation.

  • What are risks of egg donation?

    Egg donation is a safe, tested, and relatively non-invasive medical process that allows the retrieval of your eggs. Of course, it’s not something to be entered into lightly. Each egg donation cycle is different and sometimes there can be side effects due to the hormones taken which causes the stimulation of multiple egg productions. Some donors have complained of experiencing period symptoms during the cycle such as headaches, bloating or breast tenderness. Additionally, there is a risk of becoming hyper-stimulated.

  • How many times can I donate?

    According to the Assisted Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines—which we follow—a woman can donate a maximum of six times in her lifetime.

  • What if I change my mind and I no longer want to donate?

    That is no problem unless you are under a contract. We understand that situations change. Please notify us immediately so that we can remove you from our database and avoid disappointing intended parents.

  • Can I donate if I am pregnant?

    No, you cannot be pregnant. You will be required to take hormonal medications to produce eggs. You must be able to have menses in order to donate.

  • Why should I work with Family Inceptions?

    Working with our organization will ensure that you have a fulfilling experience. You’ll know whether or not your eggs successfully produced a pregnancy through IVF, and if all parties agree you might have the option to meet the intended parents. We also handle your personal information with the highest level of sensitivity and discretion—your profile will never be made public. Additionally, we’ll take care of you from the start to finish because we respect you and appreciate your generosity! Without you we could not help deserving intended parents have families. Further, our founder has personally been an egg donor herself and knows first-hand the process and can best prepare you for all the required steps.

  • Why does egg donation matter?

    The dream of having a child is not possible for many people with infertility as their reality. At Family Inceptions we believe that everyone who wants to create a family should be given the opportunity to do so. If your heart breaks every time you hear about a woman or same-sex couple facing infertility, then egg donation might be a way for you to help. We rely on generous donors and gestational surrogates to help make parenthood possible for those who might not be able to have a child on their own.

  • How do recipients find me?

    We keep a database of exceptional egg donors just like you. When intended parents are looking for a donor we will match them to potential donors based on their criteria. They will review your profile, pictures, and might want to speak with you and perhaps meet you. However, all parties must agree to speak and or meet or anonymity will be maintained. Don’t worry, we facilitate all communications between parties with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. Your profile is secure and only accessible when a potential intended parent requests access to the database.

  • What do you need from me?

    First and foremost, we need you to be motivated to help others have a family. Beyond that, we’ll need medical records from you that include a current Pap smear, school records, SAT/ACT scores, your photos, and your complete application. Sometimes intended parents might ask you to answer additional questions that are not listed on the application—we simply need you to respond to all inquiries with honesty and integrity. And if you’re chosen, we need you to be fully committed and engaged in the medical processes from the beginning to end.

  • What can I do to get chosen faster?

    When you’re filling out your application remember that intended parents will be looking for qualities in you that they wish to see in their children. The application you are completing online is your resume—your answers should portray you at your deepest level. Recipients are the most interested in potential egg donors with whom they feel a deep connection. It’s important also to be thoughtful in your responses to make sure they are free from grammatical or spelling errors. Finally, include great pictures. The best pictures are those that are of just you and are professional or casual in nature. Intended parents love to see childhood and baby pictures. blurry, poor quality, pictures with a drink in your hand, or other less-than-flattering pictures are not helpful.

  • What makes Family Inceptions trustworthy?

    Family Inceptions was founded by a woman who is passionate about third-party reproductive services. She donated eggs herself several times and has been a gestational surrogate three times. Her motivation is to see intended parents turn into happy families. (For her full story, head here.) We’re not in this business for any reason other than to help others. We respect and appreciate the contributions of our egg donors and gestational surrogates. Without generous people like you we would be unable to do our work. It is what makes us different than other agencies, and why you can feel confident working with us. In addition, we follow the standards of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Guidelines for Oocyte Donation and Gestational Surrogacy. We also value clarity in contracts and will make sure that the best interests of all involved parties are protected.

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Ready to begin the egg donor application process?

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