No matter where you’re located, we will walk beside you every step of the way to transform your dreams of having family into a reality.

At Family Inceptions, we’ve spent years helping parents all over the world to complete their families through international surrogacy.

Many families turn to us for surrogacy in the U.S. since it is illegal in the country where they reside. We offer international surrogacy for those who live all over the world—in the European countries of France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland as well as Italy, Brazil, Portugal, China, Japan, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand, to name a few.

Renowned for our international surrogacy work, we pride ourselves on professionalism, selectivity and expertise. We’ve developed a successful plan to meet the needs of both our international parents and their U.S. surrogates during this journey. We offer a highly personal experience, discerning approach, and attention to detail and we are committed to limiting obstacles related to travel, expense and other, unexpected inconveniences.

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We believe that something as small as miles shouldn’t come between you and your dream of creating a family.

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Surrogates in the United States

It’s natural to wonder how to trust a surrogate who lives in another country, but through years of experience, we can wholeheartedly reassure you that our U.S. surrogates’ #1 goal is to deliver a healthy infant for another person or couple who can’t have their own child. We are highly selective and only choose surrogates who have had easy, healthy pregnancies and desire to give a gift of a child to another family. In addition, our surrogates go through a rigorous screening process, and we only accept a small number. Once intended parents start to get to know their surrogate by reading about her and her family, seeing pictures and talking to her, their level of trust increases.

How Often Do I Have to Travel to the U.S.?

Intended parents are more than welcome to visit their U.S. surrogate mothers more than twice, but only two visits are required during the entire process.

After we have located just the right surrogate for you, we help schedule your appointments in the United States to:

  • Meet your team:

    On this trip to America, you’ll meet your U.S. surrogate mother. We strive to complete as much as possible before your arrival through email, phone and Skype communication to maximize your time in the U.S. This way, meetings with the clinic, surrogate, reproductive endocrinologist, psychologist and attorney can normally be accomplished in a three to five day trip.

  • Witness the birth of your child

    The second visit to the United States will be to witness the birth of your child when the U.S. surrogate mother is in labor. We will take care of obtaining a birth certificate and a passport for your baby. Typically, intended parents stay in the U.S. for around two weeks during this time.