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Family Inceptions is an agency that has been assisting families with Florida surrogacy for years. Providing assistance to intended parents and surrogates interested in completing a surrogacy journey in Orlando or the surrounding cities, our company walks everyone involved through each step.

Florida Surrogacy Laws

Florida Surrogacy Laws

Gestational Surrogacy is permitted in Florida pursuant to Chapter 742 of the Florida Statutes. To establish a parentage order in Florida, the intended parents are defined as a married man and woman under state law. Should the intended parents be an unmarried couple or single individual, a Preplanned Adoption Agreement must be used.

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Find a Florida Surrogate Mother

Helping intended parents find just the right surrogate mother in Jacksonville, Miami or any other city in the Sunshine state, Family Inceptions understands the criteria that is important to all intended parents.

  • Why are Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and other Florida cities a good location for finding surrogate mothers?
    • Large population
    • Several top fertility centers in the area
    • Friendly surrogacy laws
  • Are There Options for Unmarried Intended Parents?

    Florida surrogacy laws permit singles and unmarried couples to form a Pre-Planned Adoption Agreement, governed by Florida Statute 63.213. It is similar to a gestational surrogacy contract, but is handled under different Florida laws. Additionally, the court proceeding to remove the surrogate as the legal parent and name the intended parents as the legal parents takes place after the child’s birth.

  • Does Florida Surrogacy Law Allow for Pre-Birth Orders?

    Although, Pre-birth orders can be done in the state of Florida to direct the hospital and say who the parents are, it does not establish parentage order (to place names on the birth certificate) within the state of Florida. Under the statute, parentage final orders are done post birth.

  • Whose names go on the birth certificate?

    Currently, the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics requires an initial birth certificate application be completed by the hospital immediately following the child’s birth, which lists the surrogate as the child’s birth mother. Upon entering the Final Order affirming parental status, the court will direct the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics to amend the child’s birth certificate and the birth record to list the intended parents as the mother/parent and father/parent of the child. At this point, all surrogate’s information will be deleted from the birth record and a birth certificate will immediately be issued, which usually takes about three weeks to process. Same-sex couples will be named as “mother/parent” and “father/parent.”

Find an Egg Donor in Florida

Since many of our staff have been egg donors, they understand how overwhelming the process can be. Family Inceptions takes you through every step of finding an egg donor easier by assisting you with finding the person who best matches your desire for the journey.

Becoming a Surrogate Mother in Orlando and other Florida cities

After the health risks associated with the intended mother are established, the actual surrogacy contract itself must contain the following allowances:

  1. The gestational surrogate in Florida must be the only individual who can consent to the clinical intervention and management of the pregnancy.
  2. The Florida surrogate mother will agree to undergo reasonable medical treatment and adhere to reasonable medical advice on her prenatal health.
  3. The surrogate agrees to relinquish any and all parental rights upon the child’s birth.
  4. The intended parents agree to take custody of the child upon birth.
  5. The gestational surrogate agrees to assume parental rights for the child if neither one of the commissioning parents is the genetic parent.

Requirements to Become a Gestational Surrogate in Florida

  • Be between the ages of 23 and 39
  • Delivered and raised at least one child
  • No more than 4 pregnancies and no pregnancy complications
  • No more than two C-sections
  • You are not receiving any kind of government assistance (including WIC, food stamps, housing, and insurance assistance)
  • No criminal history for you or your spouse/partner
  • Non-tobacco user for at least 2 years and live in a smoke-free house
  • No current or previous history of substance abuse
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Meet the height and weight guidelines for your body mass index (BMI)
  • No history of any mental health illnesses

Local resources in Florida for fertility care

  • Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine
  • The Fertility Center of Orlando
  • South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine
  • IVF Florida Reproductive Associates
  • Center for Reproductive Medicine
  • Fertility Center of Assisted Reproduction & Endocrinology
  • Palm Beach Fertility Center

Florida Surrogacy Compensation

Family Inceptions offers considerable compensation, and the opportunities that this can open up for surrogate mothers are nearly endless. Whether you choose to put a down payment on your home, save up to send your own children to college, or create a small business for yourself, there are many ways that this money can greatly benefit you and your family.

Surrogates earn at least $30,000 per pregnancy through Family Inceptions.

Of course, there is no way that the gift you bring to the future parents—and the rest of the world—could ever be quantified. It is a gift for which no one can ever repay you in full precisely because the life you will nurture, and all the hopes and dreams you carry, are priceless.

Why Choose Family Inceptions?

We know that each family is unique, so every journey deserves our individualized attention that will empower you through each step of completing your family. Because some of our staff personally experienced egg donation and surrogacy, our team of professionals at Family Inceptions can relate to all aspects of your family planning. It is our job to help alleviate the frustrations of finding a donor or surrogate Ft. Lauderdale and all other Floridians.