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As a surrogacy agency, Family Inceptions was established to provide assistance to intended parents and surrogates interested in completing a surrogacy journey in Nashville or the surrounding cities.

Tennessee Surrogacy Laws

Tennessee Surrogacy Laws

There is only one statute concerning Tennessee surrogacy whether you live in Memphis, Knoxville or any other part of the state. Contracts are neither allowed nor disallowed by Tennessee Code Annotated §36-1-102(48). Instead, the statute says that adoptions or surrenders are not required for surrogacies and defines surrogacy such that it only applies when married couples work with their own eggs and sperm to have a baby with a surrogate. The statute doesn't apply if you use donated eggs or sperm.

Tennessee Court's have addressed the parentage of babies conceived with donated eggs and carried by surrogates. In these cases, the gestational carrier is identified as the mother on the initial birth certificate and her name is replaced with that of the intended mother as soon as the intended mother secures an adoption decree. Getting the adoption decree is usually a very straight forward matter, following the procedures usually used for step-parent adoptions. In some States parents secure these adoption decrees without even needing a lawyer.

Find a Surrogate Mother in Tennessee

Family Inceptions will help you find a Tennessee surrogate mother who will be the best match for your family’s needs. Since 2008, our company has worked with multiple families to aid them in becoming intended parents. Family Inceptions is a full service surrogacy and egg donor agency that follows the general steps involved, but establishes individualized plans for intended parents according to their timeline, location and other personal preferences.

  • Why are Nashville, Clarksville and other areas in Tennessee good locations for finding surrogate mothers?
    • Large population
    • All areas within a couple of hours drive of large cities
    • Several top fertility centers in the area
    • Friendly surrogacy laws
  • Does Surrogacy in Tennessee Allow for Pre-Birth Orders?

    Intended parents can be approved for a pre-birth order only if one of them is related to the baby. A hearing may be required where the intended parents, the gestational carrier, and the gestational carrier’s husband, if applicable, must attend. Even if no party lives in Tennessee, a pre-birth order is possible if both intended parents are genetically related to the child and the gestational carrier plans to deliver there. Tennessee Vital Records will honor the pre-birth order from another state only if it is consistent with the Tennessee surrogacy law (one intended parent is genetically related to the child).

  • Whose names go on the birth certificate?

    In the Volunteer state, courts have ruled that a woman who works with a donated egg and a surrogate for the conception and birth of her baby cannot be identified as the mother of the baby until she secures an adoption decree. Because the surrogate is the woman giving birth she has to be identified as the mother on the birth certificate for purposes of data collection. This does not mean that the surrogate has parental rights or obligations, however.

Find an Egg Donor in Tennessee

Family Inceptions makes the overwhelming process of finding an egg donor in the Volunteer State easier by assisting you with finding the best fit for your family. Our staff, many of whom have been egg donors, can relate to each decision that must be made and help you feel confident along the journey.

Becoming a Surrogate Mother in Memphis and other Tennessee Cities

The legal requirements for becoming a surrogate are based on Tennessee Code Annotated, §36-1-102(48)(A), which states a surrogate birth must be:

  1. The union of the wife’s egg and the husband’s sperm, which are then placed in another woman, who carries the fetus to term and who, pursuant to a contract, then relinquishes all parental rights to the child to the biological parents pursuant to the terms of the contract; or
  2. The insemination of a woman by the sperm of a man under a contract by which the parties state their intent that the woman who carries the fetus shall relinquish the child to the biological father and the biological father’s wife to parent.

Requirements to Become a Gestational Surrogate in Tennessee

  • Be between the ages of 23 and 39
  • Delivered and raised at least one child
  • No more than 4 pregnancies and no pregnancy complications
  • No more than two C-sections
  • You are not receiving any kind of government assistance (including WIC, food stamps, housing, and insurance assistance)
  • No criminal history for you or your spouse/partner
  • Non-tobacco user for at least 2 years and live in a smoke-free house
  • No current or previous history of substance abuse
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Meet the height and weight guidelines for your body mass index (BMI)
  • No history of any mental health illnesses

Local resources in Tennessee for fertility care

  • Tennessee Reproductive Medicine
  • Nashville Fertility Center
  • The Fertility Center of Chattanooga
  • Southeastern Center for Fertility and Reproductive Surgery
  • The Center for Reproductive Health
  • Fertility Associates of Memphis

Tennessee Surrogacy Compensation

Family Inceptions offers considerable compensation, and the opportunities that this can open up for you are nearly endless. Whether you choose to put a down payment on your home, save up to send your own children to college, or create a small business for yourself, there are many ways that this money can greatly benefit you and your family.

Surrogates earn at least $30,000 per pregnancy through Family Inceptions.

Of course, there is no way that the gift you bring to the future parents—and the rest of the world—could ever be quantified. It is a gift for which no one can ever repay you in full precisely because the life you will nurture, and all the hopes and dreams you carry, are priceless.

Why Choose Family Inceptions?

As we have staff members who have personally experienced egg donation and surrogacy, we bring a unique understanding to all aspects of your family planning. At Family Inceptions, it is our responsibility to help lesson the frustrations of finding a donor or surrogate who meets your needs. From intended parent intake assessment screening to navigating the choices of egg donation options to surrogacy selection, and to finally preparing you for your baby’s arrival, we walk you through every step. Each family is unique and each family deserves our individualized attention that will empower you through each step of completing your family.

The information was provided by Julia Tate, Attorney Esq. Is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice and is not guaranteed to be current or accurate information. It is best to obtain legal advice from an attorney that specializes in assisted reproductive technology law. Each legal situation is unique and you should always speak with an attorney to further discuss your situation and legal needs.