You’ve likely dreamed about growing your family for quite some time. Let's find you an egg donor.

And we’re thrilled to be able to assist in making that dream a reality.

Not only do we want to make your family goals attainable, we want the entire process to feel intimate and thorough. Many of our staff (as well as our founder) have donate eggs themselves, so walking you through each step is familiar territory both from an emotional and logistical standpoint.

We want you to feel confident, cared for, and excited about the journey you’re taking. Learn more about our egg donors

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Our Egg Donors

All of our egg donors are thoroughly screened, and their profiles contain everything from eye color to education to genetic health history. To help you find the perfect egg donor who will help you complete your family, we offer a free online database of ethnically-diverse donors you can browse anytime. Donor profiles contain the following information:

  • Medical history (donors and her families)
  • Physical traits (eye color, hair color, height, or weight)
  • Blood type
  • Genetic history
  • Education level
  • Personality
  • Donor location (where she lives)
  • Photos
  • Donation history (if applicable)

Egg Donation Types

It’s important to understand the various types of egg donation so that you can find an egg donor who is on the same page as you are when it comes to the relationship you will have together. Here are the three different types of egg donation:

  • Anonymous - No identifying information is provided to either party.
  • Semi-anonymous - Typically only a limited amount of information is shared. You could speak to each other on the phone or via Skype, but no identifying information is shared. All parties must agree to this type of communication.
  • Open Donation - Each party has met each other personally, and there is an open contact. All parties must agree to this type of communication.

Financial Obligations

We offer free access to qualified individuals so you can find an egg donor at an affordable cost. Therefore, we never ask you to commit financially without first giving you the opportunity to view information on our available egg donors. If we can’t match you with a donor who meets your criteria, then you can move on without being financially tied to our agency.

We understand that meeting the challenge of infertility can be a stressful, exhausting, and expensive journey, so we do everything we can to make it as smooth and cost-effective as possible. We believe that everyone who’s ready should have the chance to be a parent; so we oversee all aspects of the process, including the psychological, legal, medical, and financial.