To help the egg donor process go smoothly, we provide easy to follow steps.

Since our founder and staff have been egg donors themselves, they can offer the support of someone who knows firsthand the emotional aspect of what these processes entail.

We will walk you through every step of this journey—from selecting your egg donor, to egg harvesting, fertilization, embryo transfer, and retrieval. We handle all aspects of the necessary legwork (psychological and medical screening, necessary legal arrangements such as contracts, and financial services) so that you can focus your energy on your dream of becoming parents.

Start your journey!

Start your journey!

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The Egg Donation Journey, Step-by-Step

Family Inceptions

Step 1: Register as an Intended Parent

Step 2: Search for Your Donor

  • Access the Database
    We offer 24/7 access to our free database.
  • Need More Options?
    If you don’t find a donor that fits your criteria, we have access to other donors through our trustworthy partner agencies.

Step 3: Get to Know Us

  • We offer free one-hour consultation
    Finding out your goals, aspirations and challenges via a phone call, conference chat or in person meeting will allows us to better match you with the right donor.
  • Ask Questions
    You can ask us any question you have so we can help you make the best decisions for your family.

Step 4: Select a Donor

  • We highly recommend you select two potential candidates
    While it’s not typical, some donors might not work out because their cycle fell through, they didn’t pass screening, their availability changed, or they changed their mind. In these cases, it’s important to have an alternative donor.
  • Notify Us
    Once you’ve chosen two donors, let us know so we can go over pricing for those particular donors.

Step 5: Sign Agency Agreement

  • Sign agreement to start process
    We do not hold any donors until the retainer agreement has been signed, and a deposit has been made. So once you’ve made your final decision, sign the agency agreement.
  • Make Appropriate Financial Arrangements

Step 6: Medical Screenings & Legal Paperwork

  • Medical Screenings
    Your cycle coordinator will oversee donor’s medical screenings.
  • Psychological Screenings
    Donor will be required to complete a psychological evaluation.
  • Legal Paperwork
    All parties will be required to sign an Egg Donor/Intended Parent agreement. The agreement establishes parental rights, financial responsibility, confidentiality and privacy.

Step 7: Retrieval/Transfer

  • Cycle Schedule
    Cycle coordinator will provide you and donor with cycle schedule and next steps.
  • Medical Cycle will depend on the donor, clinic and your situation