We're making the surrogacy process as easy as possible.

We believe in making the surrogacy process as easy as possible for you—and all other incredible women like you. We also believe in making sure you feel in complete control over the parents you choose to work with.

You deserve the best, and that is what we will give you every hour of every day. As always, please reach out with any questions by contacting us.

Interested in becoming a surrogate mother?

Interested in becoming a surrogate mother?

From the first day through delivery, we will always be here for you. We will always be here to assist and support you in every way.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a gestational surrogate

Family Inceptions

Step 1. Start your online application.

The application is two parts: Part 1 is a pre-screening questionnaire to ensure that you meet all of the agency requirements. Part 2 is an in-depth questionnaire that will provide insight into your background, overall health, and desires for your surrogacy journey.

Step 2. One-on-one interview.

Once your detailed application has been completed, you will have a one-on-one assessment with a Family Inceptions team member. At this time, we’ll share a comprehensive overview regarding gestational surrogacy, what it entails, discuss your compensation benefits and describe a picture of the journey you are about to embark on. It’s also a time for you to feel free to ask any and all questions.

Step 3. Decide if you’d like to work with Family Inceptions.

At this step you’ve made a lot of progress toward becoming a gestational surrogate. Once you decide that Family Inceptions is a good match for you, we require consent forms to be completed. Of course, we respect your privacy and will not share any identity information until you have agreed to work with the intended parents that you like and feel comfortable with.

Step 4. Pre-screening.

Intended parents want a safe environment for their unborn child, and so you’ll need to complete a thorough background and initial pre-screening process prior to being approved into the program. This pre-screening process includes background checks for you and your spouse/partner, a psychological evaluation for you and your spouse/partner, and a psych-social evaluation (home assessment). In addition, your medical records and insurance coverage will be reviewed as well.

Step 5. Your profile is shared.

Once you’ve passed our pre-screening requirements your profile will be shared directly to intended parents that will be a good match for you. We believe it is important to match gestational surrogates with intended parents who have the same desires for their surrogacy journey.

Step 6. Matching.

When we find possible candidates, we will let you know and send you their information. If both parties (you and the intended parents) find each other to be a good fit the next step is just around the corner.

Step 7. Phone introduction.

An initial phone call between you and the intended parents will be scheduled. Simply see this as an informal “ice-breaker.” And to make sure things go smoothly, one of our staff members will be on the line to ask questions and help steer the call in a fruitful direction.

Step 8. Face-to-face meeting.

If all parties agree that the call went well, we’ll schedule a face-to-face meeting so that you can meet the intended parents and have a more complete conversation with them in person.

Step 9. Medical screening.

If the face-to-face meeting was successful and you are a perfect match with the intended parents, then you will need to undergo a full medical screening to move forward. The intended parents will be responsible for all fees related to the medical and psychological evaluations, as well as any other expenses related to your surrogacy pregnancy.

Step 10. The legalese.

Next, the legal contracts will be drawn up. A contract will be created between you and the intended parents. Your attorney will review it with you in detail before you sign. (Note: the intended parents also take care of your attorney’s fees.)

Step 11. Cycle schedule.

The clinic will then provide your cycle schedule, which will contain all of the details you need for your cycle including when to take your medication, how much to take, and when your doctor appointments will be.

Step 12. Take the required medications.

Before the embryo transfer you will need to take several medications, such as birth control pills, Lupron and the hormonal medications needed to prepare your uterus. You will be informed of the specific guidelines for each of these medications.

Step 13. The embryos are transferred.

Once you have taken your medications for the correct amount of time (we will track this for you and let you know) the embryos are then transferred to your uterus. One (or more) of these embryos will become a baby.

Step 14. Pregnancy.

After the embryo transfer there is a 2 week wait which hopefully results in a positive pregnancy test.


Quick-n-Easy Snapshot of the Required Documents

  • All previous pregnancy and delivery records
  • Pap smear and physical results (must be within the past 1 year)
  • Copy of insurance cards (include the EOB – explanation of benefits booklet)
  • A copy of your driver’s license or other valid photo ID (we keep this totally confidential, and require this only to verify your identity)
  • A clearance letter signed by your obstetrician

Send Documents to:

  • Mail to: 4720 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Bldg. 400, Ste. 4202. Berkeley Lake GA 30071
  • Email scanned copies to: surrogates@familyinceptions.com
  • Fax to: 678-303-0588